7th Self-Determination Theory Conference

Between May 21st – 24th, NoHoW researchers participated in the 7th Self-Determination Theory Conference in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands. Held every three years, this meeting brings together leading motivational experts and scholars come together to offer inspiring, insightful presentations and workshops. The conference included presentations by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, creators of the world leading scientific theory of motivation — Self-Determination Theory. SDT focuses on motivating individuals, The SDT conference provided an event to network with other researchers and experts on this theory. Preliminary data of the NoHoW trial was presented related to weight losers’ motivational profiles and also the preliminary validation of the Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction scale adapted to weight maintenance setting.

The 2019 SDT Conference focused on the integration of Self-Determination Theory with new Information and Communications Technologies. Several invited speakers from digital industries participated and shared their challenges and the strategies they use to introduce behavioural science expertise to highly specialised technical teams focused primarily on commercialisation and profitability of digital products. There was agreement on one key theme: digital behaviour change interventions are here to stay and present great potential.

NoHoW was represented by Dr. António Palmeira, who presented a poster on the ‘Association between Physical Activity Motivation Profiles and Physical Activity in Short-Term Weight Loss Maintainers’ and Jorge Encantado who presented a poster on the ‘Preliminary validation of basic psychological needs satisfaction for weight loss maintenance scale’.

Jorge Encantado, SDT Conference 2019


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