CBC Conference 2018 – Behaviour Change for Health: Digital and Beyond

This year’s Centre for Behaviour Change conference on 21-22 February 2018 at Senate House in London, was the fourth international conference hosted by the Centre and is a “must-attend” conference for Digital Health researchers.The event provided an excellent opportunity to network with other researchers interested in developing and implementing behaviour change interventions using digital tools. Innovative research methods and approaches to data usage are now being explored – in concert with the explosion of Big Data, and the potential of Artificial Intelligence. Observing and monitoring daily behaviour patterns can provide deeper understanding of behaviour change phenomena, and bolster development of more precise interventions and contribute to theory advancement.

A key hot topic at this year’s CBC Conference was the potential of Artificial Intelligence to help synthesise evidence about behaviour change. It is indeed an innovative approach that will help health professionals and researchers in designing effective interventions tailored to specific contexts based on a continually updated database of behaviour change knowledge.

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