29th January 2016

EASO Update Jan 2016

What is your role in NoHoW?

EASO EASO’s primary role in NoHoW is to support broad dissimenation of the NoHoW project and work of the team using several tools and techniques, including social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), as well as traditional media, ensuring wide exposure for NoHoW by introducing the project to a variety of stakeholders across Europe. Relevant audiences include consumers, (patient groups); academic and practitioner communities, industry, and the broader scientific community interested in weight loss.

Dissimenation will also include developing and conducting written, webcast and/or podcast interviews with relevant WP leaders and stakeholder group representatives, including consumer communities. EASO will also keep stakeholder communities appraised of NoHoW through e-newsletters and by creating visibility for the project at relevant congresses via symposia, exhibition booths and by providing press briefings on the project across the lifespan of NoHoW.

What have you done so far?

We have shared available NoHoW content, including the NoHoW flyer, and other research and material of interest to the weight-loss community – all of which have been widely circulated. In addition we have endeavoured to galvanise interest among the European obesity patient community (particularly the EASO Patient Council), and have kept the wider EASO community up-to-date on the project.

How will your work in NoHoW have an impact?

By describing and discussing the project across these broad audiences and sharing project progress widely as data becomes available, we will develop and maintain broad interest and engagement in NoHoW across Europe and further afield, and will gain wide visibility for project results.

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Euan Woodward