International Congress on Obesity (ICO) 2016

NoHoW partner Slimming World is sponsoring a session on ‘Weight management in a digital world‘ at the XIII International Congress on Obesity (ICO) in Vancouver on Tues 03 May 2016 (12.30 – 14.30).

The session will be co-chaired by Coordinator Prof. Berit Heitmann and will include a presentation on NoHoW by Prof. James Stubbs.

Will we see you there?

Weight management in a digital world

Harnessing technology and research to develop, scale-up and evaluate innovative adult weight management interventions.

This symposium will present a practical overview of how research and technology are being used by commercial organizations to develop, scale-up and evaluate clinical and real-world weight management interventions.

Presenters will draw from their own experience as academics using technology and research methods in both clinical trials as well as real-world interventions, to provide symposium participants with a practical understanding of how digital weight loss and weight maintenance interventions are being developed, delivered and evaluated.

Presenters are involved in weight loss and weight maintenance interventions in the USA, UK and European Union.

This symposium is sponsored by Slimming World, the UK’s leading group-based weight management program.  It’s a scientifically proven weight management system which takes a uniquely empowering approach to weight loss. The organization’s blueprint to better health and long-term weight management is effective, easy to follow, and most importantly gives people a new kind of freedom and choice power around food with an eating plan, Food Optimizing, based on the science of energy density and satiety. 

Slimming World has created a framework of support methods, based on a deep understanding of how people who are overweight feel, and hence behave. Slimming World’s support system is designed to increase members’ feelings of self-worth and confidence in their ability to manage their weight. Our face-to-face and digital support systems ensure members feel empowered and equipped with the necessary skills to develop lasting self-determined behavior change one week at a time. We treat everyone who joins the program with compassion and understanding and give them the tools and skills to navigate their way to a healthier lifestyle. 

Slimming World’s digital weight management program, based on its evidence-based group program, will be launched in the USA in 2016.

Suitable for participants with all levels of technology experience.

Lunch will be provided

Co-Chairs: Prof. Berit Heitmann & Dr Melanie Hingle

Session 1: Dr. Kate Wolin (USA)

Provisional title: The information highway: how research and commercial organizations can learn from each other to deliver evidence based solutions.

Session 2: Dr. Paul Sacher (UK)

Provisional title: Development and iterative evaluation of a real-world, digital, weight management intervention – lessons learnt and future directions.

Session 1: Prof. James Stubbs (UK)

Provisional title: Translating theory into practice – development and evaluation of a multi-country, eHealth behavioral weight maintenance intervention.

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