Invited Symposium at the 22nd Portuguese Congress on Obesity

In 25 Nov 2018, NoHoW was featured at an Invited Symposium ‘ICT-based Weight Loss Maintenance: The NoHoW European Project’ at the 22nd Congresso Português de Obesidade in Lisbon, Portugal. Chaired by Dr. António Palmeira, the symposium included talks from NoHoW researchers:

  • ‘Emotion Regulation and Stress Management Intervention Component of NoHoW’, Matos (UDC),
  • ‘Thematic Basis of the NoHoW Trial’, I. Santos (FMH),
  • ‘Toolkit Demo and fitbit/scales Integration, J. Encantado (FMH),
  • ‘Self-Regulation and Motivation Intervention Component of NoHoW’, A. Palmeira (FMH), and
  • ‘Methods and Procedures of the NoHoW Trial’, C. Luís.

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