NoHoW Coordinator Interviewed in Danish ‘EU-Information’ Magazine

In the latest edition of the magazine “EU-information“, published by the Danish Ministry for Research and Innovation, one of the main themes was the gender aspect in research.

After introducing NoHoW, Coordinator Professor Berit L. Heitmann explains the areas in which gender issues have been considered in the project. In relation to the intervention itself, Berit emphasizes that it is often difficult to recruit men for health and prevention projects, and that measures will be taken to try and ensure that about 30% of the included participants in the NoHoW trial are men.

Similarly, there is often a gender imbalance in senior research positions. However, Berit stresses that three out of twelve of the main investigators in the NoHoW consortium are women, with one in four members of the project Advisory board being women, making representation of women in the project higher than the proportion of female professors in Denmark.

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