NoHoW Final Workshop, Lisbon

Our final project workshop took place at a COMs training workshop at Hospital Lusiadas in Lisbon on 25 Feb 2020. The workshop was co-hosted by ADEXO (the Portuguese society for Patients with Obesity) and by two accredited EASO Centres for Obesity Management (COMs).

The workshop showcased key elements of the NoHoW project and the Position Statement. Final results of the project were presented to the audience of around 50 delegates across clinical, scientific and patient communities, with an interest in treating obesity, especially weight loss maintenance.

The morning programme included presentations around the theme of the challenges of longer term weight maintenance. Presentations on Obesity – a chronic relapsing disease, endocrinology, biology and mechanisms of weight regain in obesity, long term weight regain in the post- Bariatric period,  clinical nutrition in long-term weight management and physical activity in long-term weight management led into the engaging afternoon NoHoW workshop.

The team presented themed talks including  ‘A detailed look at the NoHoW project, the Main and secondary outcomes from NoHoW’, ‘Body weight variability: associations with weight control, body composition and cardiometabolic health’, ‘Sleep and weight variation’ and ‘The Joint NoHoW position statement on weight loss maintenance’. The summary session included discussion on ‘Where we go from here in weight loss maintenance’.

EASO caught up with the NoHoW team on the day – check out the videos below!

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