NoHoW Trial Recruitment Closes

On the 13th March 2018, the NoHoW trial successfully completed the ambitious recruitment phase, reaching the target of 1,600 participants across the three NoHoW centres in the UK, Portugal and Denmark. The initial recruitment phase was to last a full year but concluded ahead of schedule; the popularity of the trial meant that centres were able to over-recruit to ensure targets would be met.

In total, 1,626 participants were recruited. The trial sample consists of 1,116 females (68.6%) with an average age of 44.5 years. We wanted to understand which recruitment strategies were the most successful, and thus asked participants how they heard about the study. The most popular recruitment strategy was by word-of-mouth from friends or family members. Other popular strategies were: (1) email or web-advert through a weight-loss/slimming group; (2) Facebook adverts; and (3) an email distributed through a workplace mailing list.

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