Obesity Week 2017 – Washington, DC

Paul Sacher, PhD, RD

Obesity Week USA, held this year in Washington DC  from 29 October- 2 November 2017 is one of the largest annual obesity-focused conferences globally, with participation from 5000 delegates from across the world. The conference focuses on the basic science, treatment and care, and prevention of obesity. Attendees include clinicians, scientists, surgeons and industry. As is often the case with Obesity Week, the greatest challenge was prioritising which sessions to attend given the number of programme options;  sessions started as early as 7 am and continued well into the evening.

A highlight for me was presenting at the eHealth/mHealth section meeting, the focus of which was to explore the role of technology in obesity-related research and treatment. I presented an overview of the exciting and innovative digital evolution that is taking place at Slimming World (the UK’s largest provider of lifestyle weight management services – launched online in the US in 2017). As part of my presentation, I described the NoHoW trial, and the importance of developing scalable weight loss maintenance tools. Slimming World has a partnership role in the NoHoW trial, focused on building upon effective, evidence-based weight loss maintenance behaviour change techniques and strategies to improve services to members.

You can see my full presentation here.

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