1st February 2016

PT Update Jan 2016

What is your role in NoHoW?

Pintail is involved in the communication and dissemination work of NoHoW. We will help NoHoW researchers make sure that key audiences, such as the general public, hear about what we are doing and learn about the evidence we generate as we learn how to help people maintain their weight loss.

What have you done so far?

Working with all project partners, we have developed the project website (www.nohow.eu) and launched our social media presence (https://www.facebook.com/nohowh2020/, @NoHoWH2020). We keep the website and social media updated with news about the project. We’re also involved in engaging with the media – we helped write the press release to promote the start of the project. To help partners promote the project at events and conferences, we’ve also developed a promotional flyer, which gives an overview of what NoHoW will do and how.

How will your work in NoHoW have an impact?

As a team, we want to help find ways to address the growing problem of obesity. In order to do this, it’s important to let people know about the work we are doing and our results, so that they can be put to use in the real world. Weight loss maintenance is a key issue for many key audiences, so we will work to communicate our results widely to the general public, government and policymakers, industry and other researchers, through many different communication channels.

Ciaran Clissmann

Ciaran Clissmann

Kylie O'Brien

Kylie O’Brien