29th January 2016

RH Update Jan 2016

What is your role in NoHoW?

Maerke Hospital Region Hovedstaden (RH) is responsible for the project management work-package (WP8), which sets goals, self-monitors progress, identifies issues and solutions, and coordinates work-packages and partners. Moreover, RH is responsible for carrying out the Danish part of the NoHoW randomized trial, as well as assisting planning for the trial.

What have you done so far?

RH has been involved in all aspects of the project management. Moreover, RH has collaborated with other partners in the overall planning of the NoHoW trial. Finally, a great effort has been put into the initial planning related specifically to the Danish part of the intervention study (promotion, networking with potential recruitment sources, etc.)

How will your work in NoHoW have an impact?

With responsibility for the overall project management RH will have a key role in orchestrating all partners and work-packages as a whole. In addition, as responsible for the Danish part of the intervention study, RH will contribute substantially in generating new knowledge related to the main objective of NoHoW.

Berit Heitmann

Prof. Berit Heitmann

Dr. Sofus Larsen

Dr. Sofus Larsen