29th January 2016

UD Update Jan 2016

What is your role in NoHoW?

University of Derby The University of Derby is primarily responsible for the intervention design and set-up of the NoHoW trial. This includes the development of the protocol, harmonisation of the intervention components, and piloting of standard operating procedures, measures, and intervention components. In addition, the University of Derby plays a large part in the recruitment and delivery of the trial.

What have you done so far?

The University of Derby have worked collaboratively with other partners to develop the Toolkit, set up the piloting phase and have developed the ethics, protocol and standard operating procedures.  In addition, the University in underway with setting up the trial in the UK and is building collaborative links with industry (e.g., Slimming World) and public health care providers (e.g., the LiveWell programme).

How will your work in NoHoW have an impact?

The University of Derby will have a key role in developing and evaluating the impact of tools for self-management and emotion regulation, implementing weight relapse prevention and weight loss maintenance. Such work will facilitate an understanding of the key psychological and behavioural mechanisms that trigger relapse compared to successful weight loss maintenance. Overall, this project will strengthen the evidence-base around the benefit of mHealth tools for self-management of long-term health behaviour change and disease prevention.

James Stubbs

Prof. James Stubbs