NoHoW Coordinator Visits University of Sydney

NoHoW Coordinator Prof. Berit Heitmann spoke twice at the University of Sydney recently, speaking at the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism Seminar on 28 Mar 2017 and at the Boden Institute Academic Research Seminar on 30 Mar 2017.

‘Navigating towards a healthier weight – The European NoHoW project’

Abstract: We know how to help people lose weight but we do not have the evidence to help people keep off the lost weight. Towards 90-95% of people who are overweight or obese have had one or more successful weight loss attempt, but only 5-10% have managed to kept the weight off in the long run. NoHow is an EC-funded project investigating ways to help people maintain their weight loss. The project has put together a weight loss maintenance Toolkit, based on the latest research in behavior change, which also includes self-tracking technologies (activity trackers, smart scales). Now, the project is recruiting almost 1600 subjects who have had a successful weight loss from Denmark, Portugal and the UK. The results of the trial will provide evidence on what weight loss maintenance techniques work.

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